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One of the key objectives of the SITxell project is to support municipalities in developing their policies on non-urban land: spatial planning (mainly urban plans and special plans), criteria and positioning regarding external projects or plans, management of natural areas of local interest, dissemination of the environmental values of its territory and so on.

The basic scale of SITxell is 1:50.000. At a municipal level, this scale is useful for obtaining background information but can never be applied directly in spatial planning or specific projects. For this reason, SITxell project data must be adapted to the municipal level (between 1:5.000 and 1:15.000), through field and office work.

Given these conditions, SITxell services available to municipal councils are:

  1. Consultation and direct acquisition of information of SITxell through SITMUN, our cartography distribution platform. This tool allows the different layers of SITxell information to be displayed and enables local users attached to the SITMUN network to download these layers in ESRI shape format. Moreover, SITxell information is also available throughout the WMS specification on the IDEBarcelona website.
  2. Development of municipal diagnosis, at the request of municipal councils. Technical experts from Barcelona Provincial Council conduct a multidisciplinary assessment of the open areas in the municipality, taking a broader territorial view into account and adjusting the basic SITxell information to the municipal level, through field and office work. The most common application is usually associated with municipal spatial planning, but technical support is often also related to planning, management and/or dissemination of local natural heritage.
  3. Development of specific assessments, at the request of municipalities, so they can take a position regarding external plans or projects affecting their territory. Technical experts from Barcelona Provincial Council carry out a multidisciplinary assessment of the impacts expected at municipal level based on SITxell information and an analysis of the specific project.

To date, 55 municipal councils in the province have benefited from some of the applications of SITxell. In addition, through various assessments SITxell information has promoted the creation of 4 new protected natural areas at municipal level. Moreover, a high percentage of municipalities regularly download information using the SITMUN platform.

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