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Because of its characteristics, the SITxell project, the territory it covers and the reference scale it uses, is perfect for analysing large areas. This level of analysis allows it to support planning policies developed by Barcelona Provincial Council, as well as coordinated work with the Government of Catalonia to ensure an ecological approach to territorial planning.

Within the territorial planning programme under the responsibility of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council has collaborated in the planning of open areas in the Province of Barcelona. The most notable collaboration has been the development of the Barcelona Metropolitan Plan. SITxell has been applied at various stages of development of the Plan, in all fields related to the open areas system: definition of the physical framework, land use evolution and dynamics, challenges ahead and planning proposals. Finally, the Plan states that 227.000 hectares, 70.4% of the area of the metropolitan region, are of special protection for their natural and agricultural interest.

Moreover, in parallel with the elaboration of the Metropolitan Plan, SITxell has been essential in developing the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Plan, especially in incorporating environmental sustainability criteria in those points related to the system of open areas. Apart from this overall participation at different stages of the environmental assessment, the drafting of Annexes II and III of the Environmental Sustainability Report - Detailed study of critical points for ecological connectivity and Analysis of the areas of preventive protection, respectively - must also be mentioned.

Finally on this scale of application, SITxell is also a very useful tool to influence, in a reactive way, large projects, mainly infrastructures, affecting extensive areas.

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