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SITxell is a land information system organized in thematic modules. These include the different aspects involved in the definition of intrinsic and strategic interest of open areas and they allow an analysis of the significance of these areas on the basis of their geological, botanical, faunal, ecological, social and economic characteristics, using both basic parameters and complex indicators. The conceptual structure of the system is as follows:

  1. Environmental Modules. These include geology, hydrology, flora, vegetation and habitat, fauna, landscape ecology, cultural heritage and landscape.
  2. Land-use Modules. These include socioeconomics, general and specific land policies and laws, urban planning, transport infrastructure and technical services.

Each module consists of several layers of basic information – some already existing, while others have been created from scattered information or newly generated –, and layers of specific evaluation, which are the result of expert assessment and the weighting of various parameters by the project partners.

Software environment chosen for the SITxell project is ArcGis, mainly due to its analysis capacity, as well as its high level of compatibility with other GIS software, cartography and database programs.

The scale chosen as a reference has been 1:50.000, a scale that displays the main elements and processes related to the dynamics and spatial planning of open spaces which is also highly adequate for further detailed developments. Also, the project considers the incorporation of information on a larger scale, as it already happens in many available layers, in which basic data has been obtained at 1:25.000 or even 1:5.000, although the reference scale 1:50.000 is always kept for the comprehensive concurrence analysis in the different thematic modules.

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