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Fields of application

Because of its conceptual and technical characteristics, territorial information contained in SITxell can be used on different scales and at different decision-making levels - one of the fundamental objectives of the project. The reference scale (1:50.000) allows almost direct implementation of the assessments for plans and projects on the macroterritorial level (up to 1:25.000). As you work in greater detail (1:10.000 in urban planning, for example) or in more specific projects, there is obviously a need for additional work to adjust the generic information to the particular features of each case.

In general, SITxell is applied in three broad territorial fields, and therefore working scales:


At the request of municipal councils, experts from the Technical Office for Land Analysis and Planning carry out the field and office work necessary to provide information at the appropriate scale (1:5.000 - 1:15.000, usually). The most common use at this level is associated with municipal urban planning, but often the tasks are linked to planning, management and/or publicizing natural heritage. In addition, advice is also provided to municipal councils on projects affecting their territories.
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Network of Natural Parks

As part of the work on the Natural Parks managed by Barcelona Provincial Council, continuous reviews of the spatial plans are taking place. SITxell information is one of the starting points when considering new areas for protection and/or new criteria for protection and planning. In addition to specific principles for new spatial plans, the broad territorial view offered using SITxell provides a framework for protected areas in the whole network and establishes, for example, protection for areas of interest for connectivity.
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Within the regional planning programme of the Department of Territory and Sustainability (Government of Catalonia), Barcelona Provincial Council has assisted in the planning of open areas in the Barcelona region. The strongest involvement has been during the development of the Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona. The SITxell project has been one of the keys to establishing the natural areas with special protection (228.000 hectares, 70,4% of the area of the Barcelona Region) and to making the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the overall Plan. In addition, SITxell has been used to improve the integration of projects proposed by other administrations, as in the case of several transport infrastructures.
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