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Since the beginning of the project, our option was to seek the involvement of main groups and organizations with experience and knowledge of the territory, to ensure the quality, accuracy and updating of information while avoiding duplication of efforts and resources. SITxell therefore has the participation of highly prestigious scientific and technical institutions – university departments, research centres, specialized private consultants –, as well as social organizations, NGOs and government departments with expertise in this field. In each case the collaboration is established through agreements or contracts on an annual basis, defining lines of work to be done to achieve the objectives.

The project has, or has had, the collaboration of the following groups of experts: Laboratory of Geographic Information and Remote Sensing (LIGIT) and Department of External Geodynamics and Hydrology, the Autonomous University of Barcelona; Geobotany and Vegetation Cartography Group, Conservation Biology Group, University of Barcelona; Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF); Centre for the Study of Mediterranean rivers (CERM); Centre of Forest Technology of Catalunya; Catalan Institute of Ornithology (ICO); Minuartia-Environmental Studies; Euro Geotécnica; Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences; Àmbit Rural–Unió de Pagesos (Farmers Union); and Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA).

Within the Barcelona Provincial Council, SITxell is given technical support by the Technical Office of Local Cartography and GIS and the Department of Technological Services and Corporate Systems. Also, throughout these years, numerous collaborations with various levels of government – municipal and county councils, departments of the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona's metropolitan institutions – have been established. These authorities have provided information and knowledge that have been used in the territorial projects developed together.

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