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Technical team

The Land Analysis and Planning Office (Natural Areas Department, Barcelona Provincial Council) is the promoter of SITxell and is technically responsible for its operation and maintenance.

The technical team running the project is as follows:

  1. Project Manager: Carles Dalmases (Head of the Office)
  2. System Administrator: Meritxell Margall
  3. Responsibles for territorial analysis: Meritxell Margall and Jordi Miralles
  4. Secretary: Albert Robledo
  5. Expert collaborators: Carles Castell, David Carrera, Lígia Espejo, Pilar Pruna and Joan Rovira
  6. Had collaborated previously with the project: Albert Beltran, Fernando Morales, Cristina Bofill, Roser Cisa and Assumpta Panadés

Technical documents

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Research documents

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